We began with a global vision

In 1999, co-founder Eric Mosley started with the international focus that changed the recognition industry forever.  Based on the core principle of creating memorable experiences around the world, Eric began building one of the largest online recognition platforms in the world.  But that was just the first step.  What soon followed reinvented the way employee recognition is done today.

With a clear goal to continually move the industry forward, Globoforce introduced a new way of thinking to HR leaders. Over the past century, recognition had consisted of tactical forms of “reward” that neither engaged employees nor moved businesses forward.  Globoforce turned the industry upside down with strategic recognition. We disrupted old thinking.

Strategic Recognition™ gave HR and business leaders a new blueprint for success. By tying recognition to a company’s goals and values, a recognition program could achieve double-digit increases to employee engagement.  This innovation was quickly embraced by many of the world’s most admired companies, including IntuitSymantec, and Amgen.

Today, we are the global leader in recognition and we help power the cultures of some of the world’s largest and most trusted global organizations. With innovations like Social Recognition® and advanced mobile apps, we continue to help business leaders engage their employees within the dynamics of today’s changing workforce. The new era of appreciation and recognition is here. But Globoforce is just beginning.