Our People

Do you want to work with people who are the best at what they do? Do you want to come to work knowing you'll always be challenged and supported to deliver your best? We are fiercely proud of our team, and we celebrate our success together.

Meet a few.

Janet P.

Southborough, MA

Globoforce is continually working to stay cutting edge. This means that every day I am learning something new and am challenged in a very positive culture.

Dante B.

Dublin, Ireland

I have seen the company growing exponentially over the past three years, but what amazes me is the fact that the company has remained true to its core values and the start-up feeling is still there as much as when I started.

Kelli C.

Southborough, MA

Globoforce provides me with state of the art design tools which empower my creative liberties and keep me at the top of my game. I get to work on all types of projects that are inspiring and ever changing.

Diarmuid B.

Dublin, Ireland

Over the years, as the company has grown, so has my role and I'm proud to still be a member of the Globoforce team.

Laury D.

Southborough, MA

I enjoy being at a company that not only provides a wonderful product but really practices their core values. It is so nice to be surrounded by wonderful, smart people who have such positive attitudes!

Josephine R.

Dublin, Ireland

Working at Globoforce provides an exciting, innovative environment, where we are constantly trying to provide a better customer experience with the best product, strategy & approach on the market.

Nick S.

Southborough, MA

Each and every day, you show up to a group of supportive, motivating peers with one goal in mind: to make Globoforce the most successful business it can be while having the most fun doing it.

Handel C.

Dublin, Ireland

I have found in Globoforce not only an open door for a career, but an open-hearted company that respects diversity and welcomed me as part of the family.

Miguel S.

Southborough, MA

Globoforce has an environment where your coworkers feel like a part of your extended family.

Nicole S.

Dublin, Ireland

I love the diversity within Globoforce. Even within my direct workgroup there are 14 nationalities. Also we have people from all backgrounds and age groups. I really enjoy working in this environment.

Kamal S.

Dublin, Ireland

I love the challenges. Every day is different and I get to interact with such a group of talented people. It means I am always learning.

Melanie S.

Southborough, MA

We partner with some of the world's largest, most-admired global organizations. I take pride in the work we do together, knowing that we make an impact on their employees and their company cultures.

Who we hire is one of our most important decisions.

We care about finding the exact right person. We want the best fit for our
fast-growing, innovative, positivity-infused culture.

Are you our next employee?

Meet Your Future Colleagues


Our team of dedicated recognition experts and professionals helps build great workplaces by partnering with the world's most admired companies to drive business results through recognition.


Working in close partnership with the Sales team, the Marketing team brings the customer experience to life by educating, informing, and inspiring HR leaders on their journey. The magic happens when the right message reaches the right person at the right time.


This team turns our thought leadership into real product innovation that's used every day by employees all over the globe, including our own. Playing at the intersection of the hottest technology trends—social, mobile, and global—their enhancements help companies continuously reinforce company culture.


Our business wouldn't operate without this group of process-driven specialists that make sure exceptional employee support is delivered in both scale and speed. This team is well versed in procurement, supply chain, employee support, and systems.


The economic enthusiasts and analytical minds on our Finance team take initiative to forge partnerships across the organization. The Finance team is particularly adept at business planning and modeling, driving significant business growth.


In support of our software-as-a-service offering, the IT team is key to building products that delight our customers. The team drives innovation through an imaginative and creative approach, while maintaining a razor-sharp focus on quality and security.

Customer Success

We don't just want customers to succeed; we want to see their programs get to a whole new level. Our Customer Success team takes them there by forging strong, trusted partnerships and executing flawless program launches and management.


As Globoforce continues to drive innovation in the HR space, the top priority for our HR team is to provide a great, passionate, and trusting workplace. Our employees are our most valuable assets. Recognition, reward, and appreciation are the ways we protect those assets, inspiring greatness—and having fun while we do it.


Armed with seasoned strategists and specialists, the Consulting team has a contagious passion for helping customers define their recognition strategies and designing successful, scalable programs. By engaging in ongoing discussions and workshops, these recognition rock stars help forward-thinking companies build magnetic workplace cultures.

Work with Great People in Amazing Places