Some of The Humans Behind WorkHuman 2015


When we set out to build WorkHuman we knew we were taking on a massive challenge. We wanted to transform a simple (if awesome) annual user event into a world-class conference on culture, organizational psychology and employee experience and would be relevant for people all over the business.

In less than a year.

Yes. You read that right. Rational people would have told us it couldn’t be done.

But one of the amazing things about working for a company that is in the ‘Thank You’ business is you have permission to dream big and think with your heart sometimes. Passion and effort count. And in our hearts we knew we could create WorkHuman. We knew we could build an event that in year one would feel like year five.

And that’s what we’ve done! The speaker line up for this event is astonishing, the location sublime, the activities are going to be game-changing, and already the attendee list is humbling. It’s proving to be an amazing event.

Of course, that kind of effort doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It comes from the hard work of people who care deeply about what they do. So I wanted to take a moment to showcase just a few of the dozens of amazing humans behind WorkHuman 2015.

Be sure to look for them at the show!

Sarah Payne – Education Outreach Nerd

We knew early on that this event was going to be focused on learning and education. Sarah is passionate about learning (she’s even written a book for children!) so she jumped in and took on the task of reaching out to business school faculties and grad students to invite them to attend. She’s also been spreading the word on our WorkHuman Student Fellowship.

Brenda Pohlman – Structured Networking Activities Magician

If you ever want to have a thoughtful conversation that will leave you feeling smarter and give you a few new ideas, all you have to do is try to get a seat near Brenda at lunch. Soft-spoken, friendly, and crazy smart, Brenda is one of our team of consultants, and spends a lot of her time on the road focusing on recognition, culture and engagement at leading global companies. She’s taken on the role of networking coordinator for WorkHuman, organizing a “table talks” birds-of-a-feather networking lunch, and our series of “Walk & Talk” roundtables on the go.

Veronica Costa – WorkHuman Spokesperson and Correspondent

You’ve probably received an email or two from Veronica inviting you to come to the show! Veronica is a great cheerleader for the WorkHuman cause because she is so excited about great work culture. (She is also the world’s biggest Brazil soccer fan.) She’ll be keeping you up to date on all the latest once you’ve registered, too, giving you info on on-site activities to sign up for, what to expect and when do download our conference app. Look for Veronica at the show and thank her for the invite!

Mike Wood – Social Media Champion

Mike has tons of enthusiasm for sharing WorkHuman 2015 with the world. In fact, Mike–one of our favourite coworkers– is the person you’re usually tweeting to or connecting with on Facebook or Instagram! So be sure you hop on Twitter and let him, and your colleagues, know how excited you are about coming! You can connect with Mike and the team via Twitter @workhuman or @Globoforce.

Afamia Murray – Event Logistics Mastermind

Afamia is the onsite experience manager behind the scenes of WorkHuman. She’s the one who chose the beautiful Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress, and who will be making sure you have amazing food to eat, music to hear, and things to experience. Afamia’s been creating amazing events for a long time, so you’re in good hands with her. You’ll probably see her zipping around busily at the show, but be sure to say hello!

Learn more about the show!!

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