Why Recognition Matters – Recognition Radio #1


 Why Recognition Matters: How to Talk to Managers about Recognition


So, you might be wondering what that set of buttons at the top of this post is all about. In a nutshell, we’ve just added a whole new definition for “recognition on the go.” An audio broadcast!

Today we are excited to introduce Globoforce Recognition Radio, with our inaugural broadcast: “Why Recognition Matters: How to Talk to Managers about Recognition

You can stream it here (go ahead and click!), or you can stream or download it on iTunes, and listen on your mobile devices. Either way, be sure to subscribe because this is the first of many to come. Recognition Radio will be a streamable, downloadable regular broadcast for busy managers and HR leaders who prefer to listen to their recognition insights on the go.

The podcast will offer new insights, tips and tricks for managers and HR professionals on building a culture of appreciation in your company. We will include interviews with industry insiders and authors, and share advice for how you can use recognition to build a more engaged, happier workforce in your company. In fact, if there are topics you’d like to hear more about, please let us know!

We are kicking off Recognition Radio with a series of segments derived from our popular Manager’s Field Guide to Recognition. (See below for how you can download that.) Here’s more on this week’s broadcast:


In this first broadcast, we look at how exactly recognition can help managers motivate teams, develop individuals, and deliver business results. In this short 20 minute segment we define what is and is not recognition and you’ll learn the secret to making it most effective and resonant.  Join us for this broadcast and broaden your understanding of the possibilities of recognition in your organization.

Tune in on iTunes to listen, download
or subscribe to Recognition Radio.

A comprehensive guide to maximizing recognition on teams.MANAGER’S FIELD GUIDE TO RECOGNITION

This week’s broadcast comes from the Manager’s Field Guide to Recognition — a comprehensive introduction for managers to the art and science of recognizing employees effectively. This 36 page guide includes tips on what to look for when giving recognition, how to calibrate recognition effectively, and what to actually say in a recognition message. It also includes the rationale behind recognition and how recognition data can make a manager’s job infinitely easier.

Download the Manager’s Field Guide to Recognition here, to share with your employees!

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