Educating the Organization on Recognition – Recognition Radio #5



In this week’s Recognition Radio broadcast, we will talk about Educating the Organization on Recognition. We will offer advice on driving adoption and enthusiasm for recognition throughout your organization. We’ll talk about encouraging your employees to use and value adoption, and discuss how to enlist support from every area of the business.

We’ll also cover how recognition fits into and helps you attain your business goals, and for HR pros, we’ll offer advice on constructing a bullet-proof HR dashboard that will wow your leadership. Join us for this short, 20 minute broadcast and learn how to amplify recognition throughout your organization.

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A comprehensive guide to maximizing recognition on teams.MANAGER’S FIELD GUIDE TO RECOGNITION

This week’s broadcast comes from the Manager’s Field Guide to Recognition – a comprehensive introduction for managers to the art and science of recognizing employees effectively. This 36 page guide includes tips on what to look for when giving recognition, how to calibrate recognition effectively, and what to actually say in a recognition message. It also includes the rationale behind recognition and how recognition data can make a manager’s job infinitely easier.

Download the Manager’s Field Guide to Recognition here, to share with your employees!

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