Recognition Superheroes: What’s Your Workforce Superpower?

Employee dressed as superheroKevin Grossman, who was recently ranked as the top digital influencer in HR, did us the honor of likening Globoforce to superheroes of employee recognition. In his MarcomHRsay blog on Friday, 26th August, Kevin wrote in part:

“I again work for a firm that lives and breathes the continuous loop of recognition, as well as that of constructive performance reviews and improvement.

“Another company that lives and breathes this in over 135 countries and for over 2 million people?

Globoforce. Just the name alone gives you an empowering superhero feel, doesn’t it? Globoforce® provides strategic employee recognition reward solutions and helps HR and company leaders recognize, engage and reward employees, transforming how a company’s culture can be strategically managed globally.

“I had the opportunity to speak with them recently and was amazed at the simple yet powerful global scope of their software. They claim to have completed the largest SaaS implementation of HR software; one global enterprise has over 350K employees using their platform. In fact, they started working with this large enterprise eight years ago, and over the years they have increased the usage of its shared services by 20-25%. That’s a pretty significant jump considering how glacial change management can be in global enterprises (or any company for that matter). One phrase during our call that stuck with me was the fact that “repetitive recognition drives user adoption,” again which was primarily how their big customer drove that increase. By the way, only three people administer the Globoforce platform worldwide for this large customer (one full-time and two part-time). Three people. Amazing. (Globoforce also works with Symantec, Dow, Intuit and many others.)

“Again, with the continuous superhero loop.”

Kevin has picked up on a key point of truly strategic recognition – the importance of frequent, timely and specific acknowledgment and praise of employees when they demonstrate the values you’ve identified as critical to company success. This continuous feedback loop is the most positive and effective method to employees understand in their daily work what those abstract values mean, how they can specifically contribute to company success, and why they would want to continue doing so.

Please click over to Kevin’s full post for more on how we make this continuous loop of recognition possible.

Are you a superhero in your organization? When was the last time you were recognized and appreciated for your superhero efforts? What’s your workplace superpower?


Derek Irvine (115 Posts)

As Globoforce’s Vice President of Client Strategy and Consulting, Derek is a seasoned, internationally minded management professional with over 20 years of experience working across a diverse range of industries. During his career he has lived in many countries including Spain, France, Ireland, Canada, Sweden, UK and the USA. In his role as a thought leader at Globoforce, Derek helps clients set a higher ambition for global strategic employee recognition, leading consultative workshops and strategy setting meetings with such global organizations as Avnet, P&G, Dow Chemical, Intel, Intuit, KPMG and Thomson Reuters. An authority on the topics of employee engagement and recognition, he has been a guest speaker at worldwide industry and professional group conferences.

While previously working with top-five management consultancy firm PA Consulting Group, he advised clients in corporate strategy, organizational behavior, marketing and corporate communications. Derek has also worked in consumer marketing for many years, working on the world-class brands of Johnson & Johnson and Jameson. Derek holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and a Master of International Business Studies degree from University College Dublin.

Derek blogs daily on the powerful impact of strategic recognition on employee engagement, talent management, and performance at Recognize This!