Workforce Mobilization through Active Alignment & Organizational Engagement

Workforce Mobilization

Early this week, I introduced the Corporate Executive Board’s concept of mobilization, Today, I’ll explain how employee recognition, implemented strategically, plays a critical role in achieving organizational mobilization.

Globoforce CEO, Eric Mosley, and VP Client Strategy and Consulting, Derek Irvine, laid out 5 tenets of strategic recognition.  These tenets, based on experience and research, deliver organizational engagement and alignment – the ingredients for mobilization.   How?

1) Executive Sponsorship
2) A single, clear strategy
3) Aligned with corporate objectives and values

4) Opportunity for all to participate

5) Power of choice

Mobilization Dimension 1: Ensure employees are willing and able to give discretionary effort.

All 5 tenets work together to deliver this first dimension.  Employees see company leadership as committed to recognizing and rewarding that discretionary effort; all employees, not just star performers, have the opportunity to be rewarded for working towards objectives and displaying company values; and choice provides rewards each employee values.

Mobilization Dimension 2: Active alignment of employee effort with objectives

Strategic recognition also delivers active alignment by tying recognition to corporate objectives and values, as well as a clear strategy. This lets employees see how their actions and behaviors contribute every time they and their colleagues are rewarded.  Employees across the organization, whether they are all located in a single country or dispersed around the world, are being rewarded based on the same objectives and values.

Including all employees is critical.  If only the top 20% are rewarded, not only does a company get a limited number of employees to engage, it also risks disengaging and discouraging all others.  To achieve organizational agility, companies need all employees to give their best – to creatively resolve customer issues, generate new ideas, reduce costs, work together towards common goals.  The top 20% cannot carry an organization to greatness.

Most companies still do not understand these fundamentals. According to the most recent World@Work survey, the percentage of employees recognized for above and beyond performance or alignment with specific behaviors is around 20%  – clearly stuck in the practice of recognizing the few.  Organizations are not using one the most powerful tools in their toolkit to achieve engagement.

The good news is your organization can be the one to move ahead – to create a mobilized organization, to be an employer of choice, to win in your market.  You can implement strategic employee recognition.

Derek Irvine (115 Posts)

As Globoforce’s Vice President of Client Strategy and Consulting, Derek is a seasoned, internationally minded management professional with over 20 years of experience working across a diverse range of industries. During his career he has lived in many countries including Spain, France, Ireland, Canada, Sweden, UK and the USA. In his role as a thought leader at Globoforce, Derek helps clients set a higher ambition for global strategic employee recognition, leading consultative workshops and strategy setting meetings with such global organizations as Avnet, P&G, Dow Chemical, Intel, Intuit, KPMG and Thomson Reuters. An authority on the topics of employee engagement and recognition, he has been a guest speaker at worldwide industry and professional group conferences.

While previously working with top-five management consultancy firm PA Consulting Group, he advised clients in corporate strategy, organizational behavior, marketing and corporate communications. Derek has also worked in consumer marketing for many years, working on the world-class brands of Johnson & Johnson and Jameson. Derek holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and a Master of International Business Studies degree from University College Dublin.

Derek blogs daily on the powerful impact of strategic recognition on employee engagement, talent management, and performance at Recognize This!