Recognition on the Road: Thank You Ed, My Awesome Appliance Technician

Appliance technician(While strategic employee recognition is our usual focus at Globoforce, being intentional about noticing and appreciating good work around you shouldn’t stop when you walk out your office door. In our “Recognition on the Road” posts, we focus on stories celebrating excellent work outside the workplace.)

Yesterday, I had a technician at my house to fix a faulty appliance.  This particular unit has been a pain, to put it mildly, so I was eager to get to the solution (and to a functional oven).  The technician (Ed), who worked for the large international electronics company who manufactured my appliance, was incredibly helpful – and a good conversationalist to boot!

I thanked Ed in the moment for his skill in fixing two different problems I had, but I also wanted to make sure his own company gave him the recognition he deserved for his excellent customer service. When I asked him how his company recognizes employees, Ed explained that when customers proactively call the company highlighting a positive service appointment, the story gets sent to his supervisors (resulting in a potential gift card(s) reward for him).  After he left, I promptly called the company to tell about my positive experience with Ed.

I learned three lessons about the power of recognition through my experience yesterday:

1) Never assume great work performance gets recognized.  Fantastic service happens all around you, every single day.  We all see it.  Sometimes we acknowledge it with a heftier tip or a smile and thank you.  But how do you know whether that person gets the recognition they deserve from their manager or employer?

2) Recognition is the ultimate way to “pay it forward.”  I can’t say for certain, but it’s likely that the technician’s performance will stay at a high level upon learning that he got recognized by a customer.

3) People will go above and beyond when recognized.  When I told the technician that I was going to call and recognize him, guess what he did?  He gave me his personal cell phone number to call him if I had a problem with ANY of my appliances.  Now that is great service.

My experience yesterday was yet another reminder that recognition can and should happen wherever you are.   Some of us are lucky to have a formal recognition program at work. (We love our Kool Aid at Globoforce!)  For others, it may be a system that may take a few steps.  So when you encounter someone who deserves recognition, take the extra step: ask how they’re recognized for their work.  Your efforts will be a win/win for all.

Have you ever gone out of your way to recognize the excellent work of someone providing a service to you?

Kevin Mullins (10 Posts)

Kevin Mullins is Director of Global Corporate Communications at Globoforce.