Webinar: The Seven Hidden Reasons People Disengage & Leave

7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave book coverHow can you spot an employee with one foot out the door? How can you stop the other one from following? What is driving that employee out in the first place? Unfortunately, many managers guess wrong, when they guess what motivates employees to quit. Many more are not looking for the clear warning signs of disengagement–or confident in what they can do to re-engage workers.

On Monday, I welcomed author Leigh Branham as we hosted an webinar based on the research in his book: 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave: How to Recognize the Subtle Signs and Act Before It’s Too Late.

Webinar: The Seven Hidden Reasons People Disengage & Leave

Those of you who’ve read our Q&A with Leigh will know that the research he has done with the Saratoga Institute offers some very compelling information about what really drives employees to leave their jobs–and the disconnect with what many managers *think* drives that turnover. Leigh also offers some practical advice on warning signs and ways to reverse the cycle.

I’m very excited to have hosted this event with Leigh, and to add to his research some of our own data from our Workforce Mood Tracker report.

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And Derek Irvine did a great recap of the webinar, here, and on his Compensation Cafe blog, here, if you want some color commentary.

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