WorkHuman 2018 Call for Speakers

Since Globoforce launched the first WorkHuman conference back in 2015, the movement has grown immensely – five times in size, to be exact. And WorkHuman 2017 was one for the books – with speakers including Michelle Obama, Susan Cain, Adam Grant, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Chaz Bono.

Now we’re looking for researchers, storytellers, business leaders, and industry experts to join us as breakout session speakers at WorkHuman 2018 in Austin, Texas, April 3-5. WorkHuman speakers will share expertise and primary research on HR topics such as performance management, social recognition, positive psychology, leadership, the employee experience, diversity, inclusion and belonging, and building a great culture and workplace.

Do you want to join the movement? Learn more and apply to be a speaker here. The deadline to submit is July 31, 2017.

Submissions will be considered for:

  • 30-45-minute breakout sessions
  • 45-minute workshops on well-being activities; art or interactive experiences; and entertainment
  • 15-minute TED-style talk sessions

Main tracks for WorkHuman 2018 include:

  • Crowdsourcing & the Performance Revolution – Performance management needs a revolution, not an evolution. This track is designed for HR leaders and people managers who want to learn how crowdsourced feedback, recognition, continuous conversations, and check-ins can humanize the way we motivate and develop our people.
  • The Business Case for Social Recognition – As we shift away from the industrial age of HR as a siloed function, and focus more on creating an exceptional employee experience, how can HR leaders make a tangible impact on the business? Through industry research and case studies, this track showcases the business value of social recognition in driving organizational excellence, employee performance, retention, and employee happiness.
  • The Shift Toward Variable Pay – This content track emphasizes how leading companies are re-architecting pay to better align with their top performers. It also covers new variable pay strategies, such as peer-based micro-pay and crowdsourced rewards that recognize achievements throughout the year.
  • Thriving Through Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging – As human beings, we want to contribute to workplaces that are positive, joyous, and inclusive. How can we elevate diversity, inclusion, and belonging beyond compliance and governance to a cultural imperative? This track explores proven strategies in building a diverse workplace where every employee can thrive from experiencing a sense of inclusion and belonging.
  • Humanizing Your Employer’s Brand – An organization’s culture, corporate brand, and reputation are critical to attracting and retaining talent and creating an award-winning workplace where everyone is inspired to do their best work. Here, some of the most admired global companies will discuss how to build a more human employer brand that connects employees to your company mission, helping you attract and retain the best talent in the world.
  • HR as the Culture Facilitator – How are senior HR leaders tackling the megatrends that are transforming the global workplace, including performance, big data, culture and diversity, individualization, and inclusion and belonging? How can the role of the CHRO be elevated in the boardroom? This executive-level track emphasizes how to better align HR initiatives and programs with overall business objectives.
  • Recognition Technology & Analytics for the Data Geek – In this content track, explore how modern recognition technology can help measure cultural change, increase engagement, track employee sentiment, and measure inclusiveness at your company. Discover the power of data in accomplishing your strategic initiatives.
  • Your Whole Self – How can we create healthy environments that allow people to bring their whole, human selves to work? What are the bottom-line business benefits of focusing on wellness, mindfulness, and resilience at work? This track focuses on how to live WorkHuman in an organization by building trust between managers and employees and championing programs that enrich work/life balance, making employees feel valued, respected, and appreciated.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with top leaders in the industry at the fastest-growing HR and leadership conference. Send us your application today!


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