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As Globoforce’s VP Sales & Services, North America, Ben is responsible for overseeing North American sales strategy as well as driving new business development. Ben brings to Globoforce more than 20 years of senior management experience in the information technology industry. He enjoys working closely with HR professionals and senior company leaders to identify and achieve their ambitions for truly strategic employee recognition programs.


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The Price of Beer in China: Is that Award Worth What You Think it is Worth?

It’s no secret to anyone with a passport that the dollar buys more in some countries than others. Your travelers cheque that bought ten meals in Mexico City may buy only one in Oslo. As a beer “enthusiast” and  all-too-frequent flyer, I find to … Read full posting »

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Does Their Global Mean the Same as Your Global?

“Global” is a very popular adjective for companies to use to describe themselves. It is also, in my opinion, one of the most often misunderstood words in business today—and one of the most critical to get straight. Last November I blogged about how a lot … Read full posting »

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The Fallacy of Workplace Stockholm Syndrome – Employees Are No Longer Empathetic to Your Plight

Are you familiar with Stockholm Syndrome? It occurs when a kidnap victim begins to identify and empathize with the kidnapper, even defending them to those who attempt to help the victim. Many employers today seem to think their employees suffer from Stockholm Syndrome. Otherwise, why … Read full posting »

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Annual Performance Reviews Can Make Your Star Talent Leave – A True Story

Why is the annual performance review (as commonly implemented) a terrible performance management practice? Simple. It’s often one person giving one perspective at one point in time. Unless you work in a very small company, your efforts likely impact and are important to far more … Read full posting »

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9 Foolproof Ways to Guarantee Employee Engagement

Over the holiday, I read a great article on 9 Surefire Ways to Destroy Employee Morale. While I agree with all of the points, an opportunity was lost to make the counterargument for how to increase morale and employee engagement. To that end, here are … Read full posting »

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Why Ditching the Annual Bonus Is a Great Employee Gift

Just in time for Christmas, my CEO Eric Mosley has an article in Forbes today advocating ditching the annual bonus. Does that make him the proverbial holiday Grinch? Not at all! In fact, Eric is a very strong proponent of spreading throughout the year the … Read full posting »

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We Are Where We Work * Why Company Values Matter

by Ben Miele The image at right has been making the rounds of our offices lately. The story goes that a boy chained his bike to the tree in 1914, then went to fight in World War I, never returning to claim it. Over the … Read full posting »

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3 Steps to Helping Others

by Ben Miele What habits or behaviors at work do you follow simple because they are the “social norm?” Dan Ariely (oft cited by Dan Pink and others for his research on employee reactions to rewards) did an interesting experiment on what behaviors demonstrated by … Read full posting »

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Your Employees Are as Unique as the Countries in Europe

by Ben Miele   Commenting on the HRTech Europe conference, Human Capitalist Jason Corsello called attention to one of the primary challenges of global HR: “While everyone likes to lump all European countries into a single bucket, ‘Europe’, each region and country has very unique … Read full posting »

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Why Quota-Based Recognition Programs Prevent Recognition

by Ben Miele Driving to the office today, I heard a news bit on the radio about New York City police officers planting drugs on innocent people in order to meet their arrest quotas. I can think of many other examples of the power of … Read full posting »

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