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As Globoforce’s VP Sales & Services, North America, Ben is responsible for overseeing North American sales strategy as well as driving new business development. Ben brings to Globoforce more than 20 years of senior management experience in the information technology industry. He enjoys working closely with HR professionals and senior company leaders to identify and achieve their ambitions for truly strategic employee recognition programs.


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The Price of Beer in China: Is that Award Worth What You Think it is Worth?

How do you make awards equitable throughout the world when the value of the dollar is so varied? We discuss methods to help you find the balance.

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Does Their Global Mean the Same as Your Global?

Before you go into business with a company—especially when dealing with human capital—make sure their “global” means the same things as yours.

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The Fallacy of Workplace Stockholm Syndrome – Employees Are No Longer Empathetic to Your Plight

Many employers seem to mistakenly think their employees suffer from Stockholm Syndrome. They don’t, and they aren’t empathetic to your plight.

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Annual Performance Reviews Can Make Your Star Talent Leave – A True Story

Many companies can lose star employees because of the opinion of one person. Traditional performance reviews can be a recipe for disaster.

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9 Foolproof Ways to Guarantee Employee Engagement

Nine foolproof ways guarantee employee engagement, higher morale, and a more productive workplace.

Posted in Best Practices, Employee Engagement, Recognition Done Right | 6 Comments

Why Ditching the Annual Bonus Is a Great Employee Gift

We prefer spreading throughout the year the good cheer the annual bonus was originally designed to impart.

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We Are Where We Work * Why Company Values Matter

Companies build their employment brands around their values. Excellent companies make values real in the work of their employees.

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3 Steps to Helping Others

Do people ignore those in need of help in your office, or do people tend to help each other? How do we foster desired behavior?

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Your Employees Are as Unique as the Countries in Europe

A global recognition program is not simple. Program compliance with local laws is as important as providing local rewards employees care about.

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Why Quota-Based Recognition Programs Prevent Recognition

We find that instead of encouraging employees to recognize colleagues, quotas prevent employees from giving recognition when its most deserved.

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