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10 New Studies on the Benefits of Gratitude

New academic studies show the powerful effect of recognition on our well-being and work.

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5 Core Themes from HR Tech World Europe

This week’s HR Tech World Congress was abuzz with core themes for HR, from simplification to robots to recognition.

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Are you a great storyteller with research, expertise or experience to share with our audience of HR and business leaders? Contact us by Nov 30!

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Announcing WorkHuman 2016!

Announcing the second year of the innovative and inspiring WorkHuman conference. May 9-11, 2016 at the Orlando World Center Marriott, Florida.

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What are You Grateful For? Celebrate World Gratitude Day

Every day should be world gratitude day! Here are a few tips from experts to leverage gratitude in your work and life.

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Spillover, Crossover, and Emotional Spirals at Work and Home

Everyone has bad days at work. But bringing home a bad mood affects the lives of family and coworkers that can result in a negative spiral.

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Recognizing Across Cultures: Scandinavia

Do you know the Law of Jante? Are you schooled on lingonberries and lagom? Our ongoing series looks at business culture in Scandinavia.

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Show & Tell and Social Learning Theory at Work

Even as adults at work, psychologists say, we learn most effectively through a form of show and tell.

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Why You Should Put Your Workforce to Sleep

Put your workforce to sleep–in the best possible way. Studies show sleep is critical for well-being and work. What can your company learn?

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What Your Company Culture Could Learn from Burning Man

The culture of Burning Man is undeniably magnetic. What makes it so, and what lessons can we draw from it for creating a great company culture?

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