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As Managing Editor, Sarah manages Globoforce’s blog and writes content about making work more human for people and organizations worldwide. She has a BA in English and Writing from University of Rhode Island.


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Ronan Farrow Joins Historic #MeToo Panel at WorkHuman 2018

At WorkHuman 2018, Ronan will join a historic panel on respect, equality, and harassment moderated best-selling author Adam Grant.

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[Turnover Calculator] Can You Afford to Do Nothing?

Take our quiz to see how much employee turnover is costing your business and how much you could save by investing in social recognition.

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Learn Your ‘Why’ From Simon Sinek at WorkHuman 2018

Simon will share how to help leaders lead with purpose – and why emotional safety is so important to fostering a healthy company culture.

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[Webinar] Fireside Chat with UHG’s EVP of Human Capital, Ellen Wilson

Ellen will share how to drive measurable improvements to company culture through D&I, recognition, continuous feedback, and analytics.

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A Practical Guide to Dropping Ratings

No one likes to be rated and ranked at work. Take these three steps to humanize your performance management process.

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Giving Thanks: Our 5 Favorite Quotes on Gratitude

Read our favorite quotes on the transformational power of gratitude from speakers like Brené Brown, Dr. Robert Emmons, and Rasmus Hougaard.

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True Belonging: 4 Lessons from Brené Brown’s ‘Braving the Wilderness’

True belonging is not about fitting in or conforming with other people. Learn how to create a culture of belonging in your organization.

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6 New Stats for Employee Recognition Skeptics

New Globoforce research shows why meaningful work matters, how to build a better employee experience, and the power of values-based recognition.

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Survey: What 2,700 U.S. Workers Want from Their Work

Data from Globoforce’s WorkHuman Research Institute shows a shift to more human approaches to recognition, performance, and life at work.

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Sneak Peek: WorkHuman 2018 Agenda

Choose from eight different tracks designed specifically for HR leaders, featuring world-class speakers like Tony Schwartz and Brené Brown.

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