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M. Tamra Chandler is a bona fide people maven. She’s spent the majority of her career thinking about people, researching how they’re motivated, and developing new and effective ways for organizations to achieve the ultimate win-win: inspired people driving inspiring performance. She’s also the CEO and co-founder of PeopleFirm, one of Seattle’s fastest-growing businesses and most successful women-owned firms. An award-winning leader in her field (she’s been recognized by Consulting Magazine twice as one of the top consultants in the U.S.), she is the author of “How Performance Management is Killing Performance – and What to Do About It.”


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4 Myths About Rebooting Performance Management

(Don’t forget to listen to our interview with Tamra Chandler in the WorkHuman Radio podcast embedded at the top of this post.) One busy Friday, I met with a West Coast client in the morning and returned to my office to take a call from one of … Read full posting »

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