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How to Get 100% Participation and a Committed Team

Chuck Blakeman writes great companies don’t delegate tasks that turn people into extensions of machines. Great companies delegate responsibility.

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Career Experience Management: Developing the Potential of Your Human Workforce


Traditional, linear careers are over. Sophie Wade explains how to take a new approach to developing employees’ careers.

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Building a Culture of Excellence in Healthcare: Q&A with AtlantiCare’s Roseann Kobialka

Learn how social recognition is driving higher employee engagement at AtlantiCare, a nationally recognized healthcare organization in New Jersey.

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Forget Middle Managers. Here’s Why.

Dr. Gary Hamel says being a leader in the new world of work will require radical transparency, contrary thinking, and a heavy dose of empathy.

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HR’s Role in the Post-Bureaucratic Organization

Gary Hamel discusses the post-bureaucratic organization and how HR can be better facilitators of change platforms as opposed to change programs.

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The Ham, Cultural Energizers and Managing Change

Corporate culture is stubborn. Getting people to let go of old processes and programs can be challenging, but achieved.

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