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Building a Culture of Excellence in Healthcare: Q&A with AtlantiCare’s Roseann Kobialka

Few people have such a diverse and rich background in healthcare as Roseann Kobialka, assistant vice president of organizational development at AtlantiCare, a nationally recognized healthcare organization in New Jersey. Kobialka recently celebrated her 40th work anniversary at AtlantiCare, where she started as a staff … Read full posting »

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Forget Middle Managers. Here’s Why.

Have you ever seen the movie Office Space? Do you remember the scene where Peter Gibbons tells the consultants (the “Bobs”) that he has eight different bosses at Initech? It’s a great scene because it touches on the complete waste of time and resources caused … Read full posting »

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HR’s Role in the Post-Bureaucratic Organization

If you’re a word nerd like me, you might be curious where the word bureaucracy comes from. It’s actually derived from the French word bureaucratie, a term coined by French economist Jean Claude Marie Vincent de Gournay in 1818. Bureau is the French word for … Read full posting »

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The Ham, Cultural Energizers and Managing Change

Organizational culture is a stubborn beast. Getting people to let go of old processes and programs can be a lot like coaxing an elephant up a staircase. No matter how broken the system may be, and no matter how well you explain the benefits of … Read full posting »

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