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Connecting People: How Cisco Used Social Recognition to Transform Its Culture

  While at HR Tech in October, Claire Gray, senior director of global compensation at Cisco Systems (a Globoforce customer), presented a session titled, “How Cisco Fuels a Culture of Innovation for Employees.” Claire opened her talk by introducing Cisco’s People Deal, which is an … Read full posting »

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Gartner’s New Report on Recognition Technology

Have you had a chance to look at the new report/technology overview Gartner has published on Employee Recognition and Rewards Software? Does your company still use a spreadsheet program to track employee recognition and rewards? Are you looking for a new, flexible platform that offers greater … Read full posting »

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Are You Saying Thanks?

Just in time for Thanksgiving – the annual holiday where you not only gorge yourself on food and family, but give thanks for what you have in your life – Facebook recently launched a new way for people to thank their friends. Logging on to … Read full posting »

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The Advent of the “Social Workplace”

When it comes to the workplace, social is no longer a buzzword. It’s also not a fad. Social is really just another word for being human. Because as humans, the most fundamental part of our nature is communication. So when we talk about bringing social … Read full posting »

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Infographic: 5 Employee Recognition Myths Busted

We’ve been talking recently about our latest Workforce Mood Tracker Report and its findings on employee motivation and authenticity in recognition. There were also a number of surprises in that report, which inspired us to create this infographic of 5 Recognition Mythbusters. Check it out, … Read full posting »

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25 Great Statistics on Employee Recognition

Looking for some great statistics that illustrate the power of employee recognition? Here are a few that we gathered which might come in handy for you. “Nearly 75% of organizations have a recognition program (despite the fact that only 58% of employees think that their … Read full posting »

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The Art of a Graceful Thank You: A Primer for Peer-to-Peer Recognition

It is sad but true, when 46% of employees aren’t feeling properly appreciated, most of us just don’t have much experience in the art of receiving formal thanks or formally recognizing peers. Even the most confident and accomplished among us are not always quite sure … Read full posting »

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“Only Connect” – The Emotion of Recognition

  There’s an epigraph from E.M. Forster’s book Howards End that comes to my mind a lot now that I work in the HR world. “Only connect.” In the book, the phrase is advice given to one of the characters to not isolate himself from … Read full posting »

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Do You Have Engaged Employees or Survivalists?

Most of us who made it through psych 101 in college—even if it WAS by the skin of our teeth—know something about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.  Years ago, the famed psychologist broke all human needs down into categories: those of basic survival and our more … Read full posting »

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Is This Oversharing?

Balancing the Risk and Opportunity of Social Networks. Stop me if I’m being indiscreet… It’s just that we’ve noticed a lot of talk lately about talent poaching and social media. People are concerned about where exactly personal sharing starts to pose a professional problem. Is … Read full posting »

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