The Toxic Impact of Incivility

Just because civility seems to have disappeared from politics, that doesn’t mean it should be forgotten in the workplace. What does it mean to be civil? How does a lack of civility impact your people and your bottom line? And what role do managers and … Read full posting »

6 Recognition Myths Debunked

When we talk to HR leaders, we hear some common barriers or myths that stop companies from modernizing their approach to employee recognition. These myths can be especially frustrating for anyone who is passionate about bringing social recognition to their company. That’s why we’ve outlined … Read full posting »

Joy at Work: Q&A with Improv Asylum’s Chet Harding

Be present. Listen. Don’t take yourself too seriously. These are just a few fun tips from Chet Harding, co-founder of Improv Asylum, on building a more human workplace through the power of improvisation. In our Q&A below, Harding gives a sneak preview of what to … Read full posting »

[Webinar] Stepping Up Global Recognition at Schneider Electric

  In the five years we’ve conducted the SHRM/Globoforce Employee Recognition Survey, employee retention/turnover has nearly doubled as a top concern for HR professionals. “Fortune” listed retention as a top concern this year and in the United Kingdom, companies are more concerned about staff turnover … Read full posting »

You Can’t Ignore Business Ethics & Social Responsibility in 2017

  During a recent visit home, my family and I got into a heated discussion about politics – that is, until my brother told us to “please stop.” He’s tired of politics seeping into everything – TV, radio, work conversations, and even sports. He’s right. … Read full posting »

Former First Lady Michelle Obama Will Join Globoforce’s WorkHuman 2017 Conference

When I was chatting with a Globoforce customer recently, I asked her what she is most looking forward to at WorkHuman this year. She said, “I’m learning to expect the unexpected. That’s what I’m looking forward to. I know the speakers are going to be great, but … Read full posting »

[Report] 3 New Global HR Trends from Globoforce & RES Forum

If you’ve been following the Globoforce blog these past few months, you may recall that we recently published a report with findings from the 2016 SHRM/Globoforce employee recognition survey. The report is packed with new insights on workforce challenges from HR leaders and practitioners in … Read full posting »

Empowerment … You Keep Using That Word

In today’s workplace, businesses are trying to do everything they can to wring the last bit of “engagement” out of their employees. Not that every business really understands what engagement means, but they know they want it. And they think they need it. And let’s … Read full posting »

Chaz Bono’s Journey of Humanity & Courage

Nurturing a culture that celebrates diversity, inclusion, and belonging has always been at the heart of the WorkHuman movement. At a basic, human level, we all crave a sense of connection and recognition from our co-workers. And now forward-thinking organizations are realizing the ROI of … Read full posting »

Guest Post: Harnessing the Power of Relationships

When was the last time you thought about gravity? It plays a pretty important role in our lives, doesn’t it? It keeps us from floating off into space. It literally holds our solar system together. Gravity is vital to our survival. And yet, unless you … Read full posting »