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3 Programs Adopted By Award-Winning Workplaces

  With all the buzz surrounding the Oscar winners this week, I wonder what the equivalent of the Oscars is in the HR world? Having your company named as a best place to work is certainly a highlight for any HR team working to create … Read full posting »

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A Year Looking on the Bright Side

We all have the best intentions on January 1st—making resolutions to eat healthier or workout more or get more sleep. What if you made a resolution to live more gratefully? That’s the goal Janice Kaplan set for herself in her New York Times bestselling book, … Read full posting »

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3 Lessons Companies Can Learn from Kindergarteners

This was my little daughter’s first week of kindergarten. It was an overwhelming and incredibly exciting experience for her. (And let’s face it, for me, too.) I’m sure a lot of you have been there. During the first week of school, parents are invited to … Read full posting »

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5 Recognition Moments that Changed History

“Employees should be happy they are employed.” “Why should I have to thank someone for doing their job?” “Praise makes no difference.” These are some of the sad excuses leaders sometimes make for not recognizing, encouraging and appreciating their employees enough. As crazy as it … Read full posting »

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101 Effective Words to Use in Recognition

I have an ongoing love affair with words. This earns me a fair amount of teasing from my co-workers, because in my effort to choose just the right word, I often grab a 10 cent word or something arcane that no one has used in … Read full posting »

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Top Ten Crummiest Jobs & What Makes Them so Awful

Have you ever wondered what the worst jobs are out there? Or if any of your workers have them? It stands to reason that in any list of rotten jobs, *some* job has to be the worst. No one wants to think their employees are … Read full posting »

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The Science of Gratitude and Well-Being

  Regularly expressing gratitude is amazingly good for us—and by extension our workplaces— in more ways than we might realize. Gratitude comes in many forms. Researchers of gratitude define it as: “an emotion which occurs after people receive aid which is perceived as costly, valuable, … Read full posting »

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3 Things That You’re Thankful For

In my family, we have a long-standing tradition on Thanksgiving. At some point in the busy day, somewhere in between the mixed nuts and the pumpkin pie, we share with one another a list of three things we are thankful for, from the previous year. … Read full posting »

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Pay It Forward: Sharing the Recognition Journey

On December 12 (3pm ET), we will host a webinar with Amy Montefinese, VP Global Total Rewards & HR Operations at Premier Farnell. Premier Farnell is a leading worldwide distributor of electronic components, and Amy will join us to talk about the process of defining … Read full posting »

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Protecting Employees From Organizational Trauma

  From time to time in our professional lives, we encounter events at work that shake the foundations of our organization, and leave employees feeling bewildered, distrustful, insecure or even unsafe. Anyone who has been through a merger, layoff, or unexpected natural disaster can attest … Read full posting »

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