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The Science of Gratitude and Well-Being

  Regularly expressing gratitude is amazingly good for us—and by extension our workplaces— in more ways than we might realize. Gratitude comes in many forms. Researchers of gratitude define it as: “an emotion which occurs after people receive aid which is perceived as costly, valuable, … Read full posting »

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3 Things That You’re Thankful For

In my family, we have a long-standing tradition on Thanksgiving. At some point in the busy day, somewhere in between the mixed nuts and the pumpkin pie, we share with one another a list of three things we are thankful for, from the previous year. … Read full posting »

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Pay It Forward: Sharing the Recognition Journey

On December 12 (3pm ET), we will host a webinar with Amy Montefinese, VP Global Total Rewards & HR Operations at Premier Farnell. Premier Farnell is a leading worldwide distributor of electronic components, and Amy will join us to talk about the process of defining … Read full posting »

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Protecting Employees From Organizational Trauma

  From time to time in our professional lives, we encounter events at work that shake the foundations of our organization, and leave employees feeling bewildered, distrustful, insecure or even unsafe. Anyone who has been through a merger, layoff, or unexpected natural disaster can attest … Read full posting »

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Reviewing the Performance Review

In my last post, I gave a rough outline of the state of the annual performance review and discussed the widely-held belief that the traditional performance review is a mid-century fossil. While I was writing this post, I decided to hop on Twitter for a … Read full posting »

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Your Performance has been Tolerable

  “Soooo, you’ve been here a long, long time. And your output has been pretty much the same for years. But, that’s sort of the problem, isn’t it? You just aren’t keeping pace with the times. See, we’re in the digital age now, and you’re … Read full posting »

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Battling Compassion Fatigue and Burn-out in Healthcare

The first goal of any hospital, medical practice, or health care organization is always the same: to help patients receive quality, cost-effective health care. It is a goal that is never forgotten by good healthcare workers, no matter how much pressure is heaped on them. … Read full posting »

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Globoforce Honored as Top Place to Work

We received word here on Friday that Globoforce has been named the Top Place to Work in Massachusetts by the Boston Globe for the Small Company Category. That makes it one of four companies to receive top marks, out of the 1,586 employers asked to … Read full posting »

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Get Your Values Off The Wall (3 of 3)

  …and Make Them Livable In part one of this series, we shared some recent data and research that confirmed the importance of core values to employee engagement. In part two, we followed up with analysts’ views of how those values relate to both engagement … Read full posting »

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Get Your Values off the Wall (2 of 3)

  …and Get Results from Them. In part one of this post, we shared some recent survey findings on the strong links between practicable core values (made livable through employee recognition programs) and business success. The results were compelling, but in case you are still … Read full posting »

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