The world’s most expansive employee rewards network

If you could choose any reward for a job well done, what would it be? A family vacation? The latest electronic gadget? How about a donation to your favorite charity? That’s the power of the Globoforce Rewards Network – virtually unlimited choice.


Our global rewards set us apart


Deliver the power of choice

With Globoforce, your achievers get unlimited options for shopping, dining, entertainment, adventure, travel, pampering, charity and more. The sky is the limit to your employees’ recognition experience.


Unbeatable Purchasing Power

Millions of employee rewards are redeemed on the Globoforce platform every year. That gives us purchasing power, which we extend to your employees. That dramatically boosts the value of your recognition spend.


Redeem anywhere

No matter what your employees’ preferences for rewards are, we’ve got them covered. Do they prefer to have merchandise shipped to them directly? Check. Do they want physical gift cards? Check. Are they inclined towards electronic gift cards? Check. Would they opt to redeem right from their smart phones while they’re out shopping? Check on that one, too. No other vendor can compare.


New Arrivals

Our flexible e-commerce network gives us the ability to continuously evolve our employee reward options. We have direct relationships with thousands of providers, and we continuously build out our network to meet client needs and tastes.


World’s most desired brands

When it comes the reward options, we deliver brands that not only have great items but also provide great experiences. Whether your employees are after shoes (Zappos), a great steak dinner (Ruth’s Chris Steak House), or a memorable vacation (Disney), we deliver the brands that deliver great experiences.


Insourced Support

Many recognition vendors outsource fulfillment and support to a 3rd party. What happens when something goes wrong? Wires get crossed, fingers get pointed. That’s why Globoforce has dedicated support people. If your employees encounter any issues, they call us directly, and we resolve the issue, plain and simple.



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The choice to help is yours with
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