Millions of reward options. Because your employees know what they want.

Our global rewards network, which serves 3+ million employees in more than 160 countries in 32 languages, stands alone as the standard of excellence in the recognition and rewards market. Here’s why:

Global Choice, In-Country Fulfillment

Choice is two-dimensional – what employees want and how they receive it.

We offer hundreds of millions of reward options from more than 100,000 unique merchants. Employees can choose to redeem for gift cards from a wide range of options that include shopping, dining, entertainment, travel, pampering, and charity options. Since gift cards are locally procured, they are assured to be culturally appropriate and meaningful.

We provide in-country fulfillment of merchandise in 90 countries. This saves our customers additional fees and increases employee buying power by eliminating the tariffs and taxes they would typically incur with cross-border fulfillment.

Employees can have merchandise or gift cards shipped directly to their home, or they can receive instant delivery of e-gift cards for spur-of-the-moment purchases from their mobile device or to shop online within minutes of redemption. We are the leader in the market with our selection of e-gift cards globally. It’s all about convenience and providing your employees with the latest technologies to match their buying habits.

Unmatched Customer Service

We own the customer experience, and cherish this accountability. Our customers get peace of mind with our world-class delivery and support, ensuring a white-glove experience. Our phones are staffed by Globoforce employees and we do not use IVR.

Focus on Future Trends

We have a world-class global team that researches new merchandise and gift card partners, by country, to ensure reward choices never get stale. We are constantly adding new merchandise brands and gift cards, globally, based on our customers’ current locations and where they intend to grow. Market intelligence supports both choice and relevancy, ensuring the best experience for all employees.

Curated Shopping Experience

We provide a curated merchandise experience, featuring hot trends and merchandiser picks based on themes, like seasons and holidays, brands, and featured items. The result is a meaningful collection of rewards that creates a positive shopping experience. All merchandise and gift cards are procured within a country, to ensure relevancy and cultural sensitivity.

Strategic Partnership

We collaborate with our customers to provide their employees with the best experience, to ensure reward choices are logical and desirable.

Ultimate Value

The real value of the Global Rewards Network is to provide employees with a positive e-commerce experience that directly ties back to social recognition. When employees redeem a recognition experience, they relive and extend the positive feelings they get from the “thanks” they’ve received to continue the business impact of recognition.

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