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Don’t choose a vendor. Choose a partner, one who will be with you every step of the way. Globoforce helps you design and implement a recognition solution that will help you drive maximum results – for you and for your employees.

Design for success
We have combined decades of experience in designing and deploying recognition for top global companies. Let us leverage those best practices and help you create a program destined for success.

Define your recognition strategy
Our expert consultants will offer change management advice and guide your company through your program definition, cost justification, desired results and success metrics.
Ensure viral adoption
Globoforce works with you to design, brand, launch and ensure ongoing communications for your world-class program. This ensures a program that transforms your organization and generates ongoing success.
Deliver an experience your employees will love
Using Globoforce is easy. It’s intuitive. It works everywhere your employees are. The redemption process is intuitive and hassle-free, with local, culturally relevant and meaningful rewards they will love.
Support you can rely on
Don’t let your recognition program turn HR into a customer service department. Globoforce offers 24×7 support services ranging from technical topics to reward redemption questions, with dedicated, in-house support in multiple languages.
Guidance and consulting
Our Customer Success services not only show you the potential impact of recognition in your organization, we also benchmark and help you design a program for maximum success, and then stick around to help you see that through.

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Be ahead of the curve
As the leader in recognition, Globoforce invented many of the industry best practices and built them into our solutions. Our clients get results—dramatic improvements in employee engagement, new insight into talent, and measurable adoption of corporate culture.

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