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Business case development

We will help you build a detailed business case, evaluating the current state of your recognition programs, future potential with strategic recognition, and the bottom-line value for moving forward with strategic recognition—including cost analysis and ROI expectations.

Change management

Our recognition strategists guide executives, managers, employees and technical teams through the change necessary to achieve strategic recognition targets, measure program success, and increase employee engagement.

Benchmark & audit

Remove project and program risk by defining the path to future program success. Our recognition consultants benchmark against low-, mid-, and high-performing organizations, and offer a pathway to strategic employee recognition with clear, bottom-line benefits. These benefits include risk avoidance, corporate governance, significant cost savings, and a roadmap for strategic employee recognition.

Best practices training

Our Insight Consulting Team leverages years of experience working with some of the most successful global companies to build detailed program manuals—available online and offline—that guarantee your program success. Our best practices are baked in to our consultative approach to help you design the program that delivers results that engage employees, retain your top talent and manage your culture.

Branding & communications

Appropriate and frequent communication of program goals is critical to strategic recognition program success. A cookie-cutter model of simply applying a pre-set program used everywhere will not maximize the goals you seek to achieve. The Insight Team can help you develop an effective marketing campaign around your recognition ambitions.

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