Make your recognition program work everywhere

Mobile Recognition

Make recognizing employees fast and easy whenever your employees need it, wherever they are. Globoforce Mobile®, the first complete app for employee recognition, lets you take your entire recognition program on the road.

The complete mobile solution

Only Globoforce provides a complete mobile recognition experience: nominate, approve, receive, store and congratulate peers–all on your mobile device. With native iPhone, Android and mobile web apps available, employees can participate in every facet of recognition from any smart phone.

Timely recognition

Mobile access makes social recognition more timely, so recognition occurs right after the accomplishment. Because these recognition moments are always tied to the behaviors the company is trying to reinforce, you’ll ensure you are uniting your employees behind common goals even when they’re on the go. And for busy managers, Globoforce Mobile® is a great way to speed up the approval process.

World-class security

Globoforce Mobile® ensures your data is always secure. Globoforce worked with our customers, including the world’s leading technology companies, to build the industry’s first complete mobile SSO authentication solution. You just use your existing SSO infrastructure with no custom code requirements, ensuring rapid launch and enterprise-class mobile security.

Redeem from the palm of your hand

With Globoforce Mobile®, employees can walk into a retailer, see an item they want, redeem for an eReward, and then check out using that eReward moments later. Welcome to the future of recognition.

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