Recognition data that moves the needle for your people and business

Globoforce moves beyond simple reporting on budgets and reach metrics to powerful and graphical business intelligence that offers a real-time view of your program and people in action. Our suite of analytics tools delivers thoughtful data on your program’s impact on business goals and your return on investment.

What’s more, the data is tailored to you. Whether you’re a manager, HR manager, or executive, you’ll see the analytics specific for your role.


See your team
Get a comprehensive view of your team or department, with integration of Talent MapsTM.

Find patterns
Use Actionable Insights to find patterns in recognition data to discover the influencers, allies, and outliers on your team.


HR Managers


Manage talent and culture
Capture all recognition activity within your organization with meaningful insight to help you measure and manage your talent and your culture.

Customized configurable reporting
Use recognition intelligence for ad-hoc reporting and benchmarking in Quarterly Business Reviews.


Organizational intelligence
Executive Insight gives C-suite leaders a quarterly view to track program reach. Succinct, data-rich infographics instantly reveal key metrics about their culture, performance, and talent.

Values assessment
Which values resonate most across your organization? Which values are lagging? This report gives your executives a clear view of what values employees are living every day.

See it in action