Create a continuous loop of positive feedback

Social employee recognition

Social Recognition® from Globoforce enables all employees to see and share in recognition as it happens across your company. When employees can see and emulate great behavior, it broadens and deepens the impact of every award. And when employees add congratulations, it extends and strengthens the recognition moment for everyone.

Broadcast your culture

Share the successes of your workers to the rest of your team by creating transparency in recognition that shows workers “what good looks like.”

Amplify the gratitude

Empower employees to add their congratulations to the social feed and strengthen the impact of that recognition moment.

Leverage social interaction

Apply the interactive, feel-good power of social media to the workplace. Our recognition feed—combined with congratulations from peers—helps to build and reinforce positive relationships throughout your organization.

Generate big data

By inspiring and recording recognition activity from your entire workforce, you create a pool of valuable behavioral data that gives you long-range insight and real-time intelligence on your talent and culture.

Reinforce your values

Socialize and gain buy-in for your values by incorporating them into your social recognition and allowing employees to practice them and notice one another practicing them.

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