A flexible solution for all your recognition needs

Versatile Rewards Programs

Whenever your employees deserve to be recognized, there should be one place to turn. From years of service, to safety awards, to supporting wellness initiatives, Globoforce is the perfect vehicle to recognize and reinforce results. Having a common platform makes it easy on employees and easy on HR.

Years of service programs

Go beyond pins and plaques to offer employees a meaningful and lasting reminder of their loyalty. We let you use Social Recognition as part of your Years-of-Service program to make it more powerful. Globoforce works with you to devise a service program with maximum choice for your employees while maintaining 100% compliance with local tax codes specific to Years-of-Service Award programs.

Celebrate milestones
Service anniversary awards
Health and wellness
Health & wellness

Globoforce is an excellent way to include behavior-based rewards in your recognition program, helping to reinforce safe and responsible activities for all employees.

Promote wellness
Sales incentives

Globoforce incentive programs draw on the motivating power of choice. Maximize your incentive programs by offering virtually limitless reward choices that will inspire top performance from your sales team.

Motivate performance
Sales incentives
Employee referral programs

Employee referral

Use recognition and rewards to inspire your employees to be recruitment evangelists for your company, and watch your referral program attract more qualified and skilled candidates.

Drive recruitment

In some industries, safety isn’t just a given; it’s a critical initiative you need to align your employees around. Safety awards are so important that sometimes they are eligible for tax-exempt status.

Improve safety
Employee Safety