• Lori Gaytan

    Social Recognition allows us to see where individuals around the world are making great contributions.


    "Social Recognition allows us
    to see where individuals
    around the world are making
    great contributions."

    Lori Gaytan


  • Joanna Geraghty

    What we're able to do now, is tap into the wisdom of the crowd and actually see who the top influencers are.


    "What we're able to do now,
    is tap into the wisdom of
    the crowd and actually see
    who the top influencers are."

    Joanna Geraghty


  • Tom Aurelio

    Social Recognition is fundamentally changing the way we're doing business at Symantec.


    "Social Recognition is
    fundamentally changing the way
    we're doing business at Symantec."

    Tom Aurelio


Why we love our clients



Globoforce’s clients in the technology industry—like Symantec, SuccessFactors and Intuit— are our biggest fans. Perhaps it is because high-tech companies have a clear understanding of the quality of our technology and the effectiveness of our design. Or perhaps it is because of the results they see on metrics so critical in the competitive high tech industry: such as a 50% reduction in turnover or a 14% rise in engagement levels.

Technology clients
Cadence logo
Chose Globoforce for a consistent, global experience for 6,000 employees in more than 20 countries

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Intuit logo
Achieved and sustained double-digit increase in employee engagement for 8,200 employees in 6 countries

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Symantec logo
Created 1 culture from many for 20,500 employees in 50 countries for a 14% increase in engagement

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Panduit logo
Global, social recognition for 5,100 employees in 47 countries and 6 languages

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Healthcare workers are some of the most engaged employees in any industry, and pharmaceutical firms also attract committed, dedicated workers. Both industries struggle to keep turnover low and job satisfaction high. Globoforce has a proven track record in both healthcare and pharma. Our clients—such as Quintiles, Amgen, and Satellite Healthcare—use recognition to drive up retention by double digits and are able to influence important industry metrics, such as patient satisfaction and safety.

Healthcare clients
Biogen_Logo-webValues-based recognition and years of service program for 4,550 employees in 28 countries

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Quintiles logo
Achieved 90%+ employee retention through values-based recognition of 23,000 employees in 59 countries

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Satellite Healthcare logoEmployee recognition rates have risen 29.5% among the 1,000 employees

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AMGEN logo
Launched program in 7 languages to 18,000 employees in 35 countries in just 3 months and recognized 85% in first year
Covance logo
Peer-to-Peer Recognition, Years of Service and more in 3 languages for all 10,000+ employees in 44 countries

Travel & Hospitality

More than in any other industry, Travel and Hospitality companies rely on their employees to embody their brand. Globoforce clients like JetBlue, International Hotels Group, and Orbitz are able to use recognition to turn satisfied and loyal employees into satisfied and loyal customers.

Hospitality clients
Fairmont logo
Strategic recognition catering to the need for on-the-spot recognition for 30,000 employees in 12 countries

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IHG logo
Bravo! global recognition for all employees in 26 countries creates excitement about workplace culture

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JetBlue logo
Reinforces its culture of service through the “Lift” recognition program, engaging 14,500 crewmembers throughout the Americas

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Orbitz logo
1,600+ employees in 20+ countries reinforcing their values with Strategic Recognition

Manufacturing & Suppliers

Engagement, with recognition as its engine, has tremendous power to drive the metrics that matter most in manufacturing, from productivity to safety to operating margins. Globoforce serves some of the world’s leading manufacturing companies supporting hundreds of thousands of users in immense multinational operations. They value us not only for their substantial increases in engagement and satisfaction, but also the continuous improvement and reliability they require to motivate a global workforce.

Manufacturing clients
Avnet logo
Recognition, Years of Service and Sales Incentives on 1 platform for 13,000 employees in 73 countries

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Baker Hughes logo
One of the world’s largest oil field service companies achieved rapid adoption with 47,000 global recognition moments in just 6 months

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Celestica logo
Created a single culture of recognition reinforcing the Brand & Values for all 29,000 employees in 15 countries

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IM Flash logo
Rapid, viral employee adoption nearly doubled recognition reach in just 3 months

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Polaris logo
Core values brought to life through strategic recognition for all 3,200 employees in 8 countries
Sensata logo
Single, global, culturally relevant strategic recognition program for 10,000 employees in 17 countries

Services & Media

Strategic recognition is a perfect fit for Globoforce clients such as Discovery Channel, KPMG, and DHL, because recognition based on values is the ideal vehicle to encourage a positive customer climate for customer satisfaction. Because Globoforce clients have happier employees, they have happier customers.

Media clients
DHL logo
Full peer-to-peer recognition and years of service program reinforces core values in employees’ daily work

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Discovery Channel logo
Strengthened ability to successfully recruit and retain the best talent in the industry with strategic recognition

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KPMG logo
Increased recognition by 165% while only increasing budget 19% for 12,000 partners in 22 UK offices

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Consumer Packaged Goods

With a global footprint and a huge focus on quality, safety and productivity that can only result from an engaged and satisfied workforce, manufacturing companies such as P&G and Avery Dennison rely on Globoforce to power their recognition and help drive their business results.

Packaged goods clients
Hershey logo
Smiles recognition program helped increase employee satisfaction with rewards and recognition by 11 percent

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Avery Dennison logo
Consolidated recognition platform for all 31,000 employees in 56 countries, including best practice peer-to-peer recognition
Proctor and Gamble logo
Consolidated all recognition into one SaaS program for 140,000 employees in 100+ countries