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Employee engagement is the great, untapped resource of most organizations. Yet only 25 percent of employees are truly engaged in their work. Why are all the others so reluctant to "get in the game"?

WINNING WITH A CULTURE OF RECOGNITION: Recognition Strategies at the World's Most Admired Companies reveals the surprising answer: Most managers fail to formally recognize high performance and connect it with company culture. Salary and bonuses are only part of today's employment contract. To get everyone performing together, employers need to create a culture of appreciation, recognition, and reward.

Authors and Globoforce thought leaders, Eric Mosley and Derek Irvine, CEO and VP Client Strategy and Consulting, respectively, look deep inside the root of this problem and provide hands-on steps to help any employer create a culture fostered by strategic recognition, a management practice as different from the old "rewards programs" as Six Sigma is from last century's "quality control."

Mosley and Irvine's proven theories take a practice (recognition and rewards) that has been misused for nearly a century and evolve it into the must-have business strategy to engage employees and manage a company culture in the 21st century. WINNING WITH A CULTURE OF RECOGNITION guides managers and chief executives alike through the psychology of recognition and its effect on performance. Sharing successful methods implemented by clients such as Symantec, Intuit, Dow Chemical, and Amgen, WINNING WITH A CULTURE OF RECOGNITION shows how any manager can create a positive culture of appreciation.