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ISBN: 978-0-9566291-0-4

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I loved this book. It’s well-written, well-organized and includes great examples, great data, immediately doable steps to create a culture of recognition.

- Zane Safrit, Author of Recognize Your Employees – 52 Weeks, 52 Ways

Recognizing mastery, communicating purpose, encouraging autonomy, Eric and Derek offer practical guidance on how to create a company culture that feeds our true motivators.

- Daniel H. Pink, author of Drive: The Surprising Truth about What Motivates Us

Employee recognition is too important to get it wrong, which occurs all too often. Mosley and Irvine connect the dots, from strategy to execution to improved business outcomes. Put their precepts to work and your competitors won't know what hit them.

- Bill Catlette, co-author, Contented Cows Moove Faster

A wise, practical, and timely treatment of employee recognition programs and how they are connected to the overall strategy of the enterprise. A must read for every HR executive concerned about employee engagement.

Hayagreeva Rao, Atholl McBean Professor of Organizational Behavior and Human Resources, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University

This is a great "how to" book in transforming your culture.  Eric and Derek have captured the fundamental reasons on why organizations need to rethink recognition platforms.  As a driver of this change in my organization, I can attest to the positive impact the reworking of program has had.  The book is full of "aha" moments and information is presented in a way that shows you that change is not difficult.  A must read."

- Thomas G. Aurelio, Vice President, Human Resources, Symantec

Through content and relevant examples this book illustrates the power and simplicity of recognition as an affordable driver of employee engagement.

- Steve Church, Executive Vice President, Avnet Inc.

It's The People' is a core value at Intuit. This means we are high performing teams focused on achievement. We put customers at the heart of everything we do. And we innovate to drive growth and continuously improve all that we do. We take risks and grow by learning from our mistakes. So, how do we reinforce these expectations, behaviors, and desired outcomes? Recognition is the key... recognition is an integral part of a successful culture that's a strategic lever for ongoing performance feedback. This is why CEOs care deeply about the culture of their companies, and Mosley and Irvine offer an excellent approach for fostering and nurturing such a winning culture of recognition.

- Jim Grenier, VP, Rewards, Workplace, & HR Global Shared Services, Intuit, Inc.

I recommend Mosley and Irvine's book to any HR practitioner or executive who wants to learn how to unlock the power of strategic recognition -- it is what Dow Chemical wanted to achieve six years ago and what we have experienced!

- Jennifer Pettinga, Vice President, Global Compensation, Benefits, HRIT, Relocation and Payroll, Dow Chemical

Recognition is a hugely underused and badly misused HR and management tool.  Its effective use isn't helped by various myths and misunderstandings about the value of transactional recognition schemes.  Using executive and research insights, supported by a series of 'myth busters', Mosley and Irvine provide a clear and compelling case for a more strategic approach - the time for Strategic Recognition is here.

- John Ingham, author of Strategic Human Capital Management

Recognize It all adds up. (Mosley x Irvine) + Recognition + Appreciation + Strategic + Culture + Myth Busters + Insight + Tactics = An Exceptional Recognition Resource.

- David Zinger, founder of the Employee Engagement Network

Eric and Derek have captured a growing philosophical movement with a pragmatic, proof based approach. We now have a primer where strategic recognition statistics are all in one place, from many sources, all in agreement.  This book captures the elements of making change last from a strategic yet flexible approach. It also illumines the "cause and effect" of best practices and challenges implementation commitments to the cause...simply, caring for the precious assets, our people. Leadership can marvel at the aspect of watching the culture correct itself when it's led by good values, and then reinforced accordingly.

- Terry Cain, Vice President Operational Excellence, Avnet, Inc