Recorded on September 22, 2016

Did you know that some of the most flawed aspects of performance management have actually been around for centuries? Chinese civil servants had stack ranking in the third century. And officers in the Napoleonic wars were subject to 360 degree reviews.

Despite its long history, no one’s ever been thrilled about the performance management process. Even high-performing employees dislike reviews, and most managers certainly don’t enjoy giving them.

What can we do to make it less about “managing” performance and more about reinforcing behaviors and coaching our employees to even greater success? Which new practices are companies adopting and how effective are they?

Join Rob Schmitter, Solutions Architect and Melanie Schrems, Strategist and Consultant from Globoforce as they discuss the evolution of performance management and where its headed.

You will learn:

  • The business value of positive reinforcement & social recognition
  • New research on cutting edge performance management practices
  • How ongoing, crowdsourced feedback can enhance the review process


Rob Schmitter
Solutions Architect


Melanie Schrems
Strategist and Consultant