Recorded on December 8th, 2016

Launching a new recognition program is an art unto itself that leads many companies to face tough questions. What is the most effective way to build awareness and enthusiasm for employees in disparate locations? What if you’re working with a limited budget? How do you handle corporate office versus retail employees?

Fresh off winning Best Recognition Program at the 2016 National HR Awards, Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) is excited to share its story. By consolidating disparate recognition efforts into one award-winning program tied to company values, CAA achieved significant ROI (in just one year!) and reported a high correlation between recognition received and employee performance.

Join Kate Hardie, HR analytics manager at CAA South Central Ontario, and her colleague Tony Tsai, director of corporate communications, for a lively discussion on CAA’s recognition journey.

You’ll learn:

  • How to get executive buy-in for social recognition
  • Tips for driving grassroots awareness on a limited budget
  • The real impact of recognition on engagement, recruitment, and ROI



Kate Hardie, HR analytics manager, CAA South Central Ontario
Tony Tsai, Director of Corporate Communications, CAA South Central Ontario