gets results

Employee Engagement is the difference
between winning and losing in the
marketplace. Watch Globoforce clients
explain the important role social
recognition plays in keeping employees

You want to create positive change in your organization. To drive business results. To inspire, engage, and energize your employees. To create a world-class best place to work. To deliver return on investment for your recognition spend.

Globoforce has created a unique, powerful social recognition platform that motivates and drives employees to succeed. Our clients see consistent, measurable results on retention and engagement, which in turn drive metrics such as productivity, absenteeism, safety, operating margins and total shareholder value.

Benefits of social recognition

Drive Measurable Business Results

The simple act of recognizing employees has a proven impact on your bottom line.

Don’t just take our word for it

Retain top talent

Recognize your employees, and they will stay, grow, and thrive. Great recognition has a proven, direct impact on retention.

Win the talent war

Inspire Employee Engagement

Appreciation inspires not only emotional commitment but discretionary effort.

Engagement drives performance

Breathe Life into Your Values

Use employee recognition to make values actionable for employees every day.

How are your values performing?

Manage People Better

Recognition data offers revolutionary talent insights for performance management and succession planning.

Recognition helps managers

Streamline Your Program Costs

Our clients consolidate recognition into one universal program to gain efficiencies, cut costs and ensure compliance.

Save costs across the board

Unify and Manage Your Culture

See how your values are performing and gain insight into who is impacting and energizing your organization the most.

Measure and manage your culture

Tap into the Wisdom of the Crowd

Crowdsourcing with employee recognition yields insights on your talent that is greater than that of any single manager.

Crowdsource your reviews