Leverage program efficiencies

Versatile Rewards Programs

Consolidate diverse recognition programs onto one powerful, streamlined platform
Diverse Programs. One Platform. Create one centralized platform for recognition and rewards. Globoforce delivers a single, intuitive place for all of your recognition initiatives, like safety, wellness, sales incentives, years of service and recognition awards. This holistic approach to recognition becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

Save administrative costs. Big time
By streamlining recognition into one centrally managed platform, you can eliminate the substantial cost of running disparate initiatives. Rolling up into the Globoforce platform helps eliminate existing shortcomings such as inefficient reporting, multiple payroll file integrations, poor standard of living adjustments, and hidden administrative costs fees.
Centralize your data
Put all of your recognition data in one place so that you can properly manage budgets, track recognition spend and analyze valuable information about who is being recognized within your organization.
Eradicate renegade recognition and risk
Renegade recognition programs usually lack oversight and equity, and almost always are out of compliance with tax regulations. By consolidating onto the Globoforce platform, you keep your recognition initiatives transparent and compliant.
Do more with less. Find out how.

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