Fix the traditional performance review with the wisdom of crowds

Your employees, as a group, are smarter than any single manager. They see what managers do not. And when they are inspired to recognize, those observations can play a significant and positive role in performance management. Globoforce is the first recognition provider that allows you to tap into your company’s collective recognition data when you are evaluating performance over the past year.

Provide positive reinforcement

Studies show that positive reinforcement is a critical element in managing behavior. In fact, according to research, the best performing teams offer more than five positive comments to every criticism. Globoforce’s recognition platform gives an open call to spot, acknowledge and reinforce great behavior.

Vision into employee performance
Gain true insights into performance

Globoforce offers the only solution that uses recognition data to give managers greater depth and breadth of information about employee performance. Real-time data can be aggregated over the course of months or years and then used as a key perspective during the review process.

Realign performance with business goals
Core values and business goals will be in the DNA of your recognition platform. By using recognition data for performance management, you are putting your values at the heart of employee behavior.
Targeting desired performance
Read the book! The Crowdsourced Performance Review by Globoforce CEO Eric Mosley

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