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According to Towers Watson, effectively recognizing performance can increase employee engagement by almost 60%. In fact, Globoforce clients regularly achieve double-digit increases in engagement numbers within months of their program implementation. That’s because Globoforce lets you give employees what they ask for most often in engagement surveys—improved communication, more direction, better feedback, and recognition.

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Move beyond the survey

Because it is so critical in driving business results, employee engagement is a #1 core focus for HR. But engagement surveys are only the start—to be effective you must take survey results and act on them. Strategic recognition from Globoforce offers you a powerful tool to manage and move the needle on employee engagement.

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Engagement by the numbers

Research shows that simply by recognizing and rewarding employees for their work, you can drive emotional commitment to your organization. In fact, 90% of workers in our 2016 SHRM/Globoforce Employee Recognition Survey said values-based, peer-to-peer recognition made them more satisfied with their work, and according to Bersin by Deloitte, organizations where recognition occurs have 14% better employee engagement, productivity and customer service than those without.

Learn About the ROI of Social Recognition
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The praise and the prize

According to the Wall Street Journal: “Awards, recognition and praise might just be the single most cost effective way to maintain a happy productive workforce.” Social recognition works because it provides the reinforcement, praise and the mix of tangible reward and social appreciation that employees most crave.

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The power of values-based, peer-to-peer recognition

Companies that use values-based, peer-to-peer recognition see positive increases to key business metrics like engagement. In fact, 90% of companies surveyed in our recent SHRM report have seen increased engagement as a result of implementing values-based, peer-to-peer recognition.

Read the SHRM/Globoforce research report on values-based, peer-to-peer recognition

Peer-to-Peer Recognition
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Raising the bar

Globoforce has a proven track record of helping our customers improve lackluster employee engagement levels. In fact, our customers typically see double digit increases in engagement results within months of implementing their programs.

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