Measure and manage organizational culture

Culture management has finally become quantifiable and measurable with the data generated from social recognition. With Globoforce, you can use recognition’s positive feedback loop to reinforce legendary performance and to build a world-class culture.

Reinforce company values

Companies that have strong values perform better and executives know it. Globoforce recognition ties directly to company values and goals, showing people “what good looks like” and reinforcing the right behaviors for better performance.

55 percent of employees desire recognition
Attract top talent

Today’s employees have choices. Top talent seeks employers with a great culture and a compelling brand. Creating a culture of recognition with Globoforce is a way to strongly differentiate your company and attract (and keep) the best candidates.

Support goals and objectives

Positive reinforcement is a proven way to drive employee behavior and support learning and development goals. Globoforce unifies employees in pursuit of common goals and objectives.

Unify corporate cultures

Unify your culture

Multiple, competing cultures send mixed signals to employees. Globoforce recognition is a proven way to integrate multiple cultures into one by forging new relationships across the divides.

Make your culture go viral

When you empower everyone to spot and recognize good behavior and accomplishments, you make your employees the keepers of your company culture. You give everyone a megaphone to broadcast the great things happening at your company.

Employees broadcast culture
See culture management in action