Give more timely and effective feedback

Social recognition is an ideal way to both reach and observe your talent. Reinforce the activities you want to encourage in a public feed for all to see and emulate. Then take the valuable information gleaned from recognition and use it to identify which employees need coaching, or to find your top talent and cultural energizers.

Make your bad managers good

Managers sometimes get so busy that they neglect to offer positive feedback when things are going right. Our clients benefit from a culture of positivity that inspires managers—all managers—to seek out and reward great work.

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Build better relationships

Whether manager-to-employee or peer-to-peer, Globoforce recognition programs provide employees with the opportunity to thank and be thanked—which strengthens emotional ties within your organization.

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Find top influencers and energizers

Globoforce collects data on recognition that gives you insight into who is having the most influence in your company—within or across departments. A valuable tool for talent management and development.

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Identify talent for succession
Executive Insight on Talent
The best way to find emerging leaders and high potentials is to see them through the eyes of your organization. Globoforce recognition data helps you instantly identify high-potential leaders.

Find Your Future Leaders

Fix performance reviews

Employee Performance Ratings
The performance review is broken, but it’s not beyond repair. Inject real-time recognition data into your performance management process and revitalize it with the wisdom of crowds.
Crowdsource Your Performance Reviews
Find out how JetBlue drives performance with the wisdom of crowds.