Improve retention with employee recognition

Recognized employees stay put. According to the Globoforce WorkHuman Research Institute, 80% of workers who have been appreciated are staying the course with their companies. Conversely, 55% of employees would leave their companies for a company that has a formal recognition program.

Create a culture of recognition

The single most effective way to reduce turnover and keep your top performers is to create a culture they cannot imagine leaving. Social recognition from Globoforce helps create a culture of recognition and appreciation that is hard for other employers to equal.

Make your managers better managers
Employees leave their managers, not their employers. Globoforce customers benefit from a positivity-dominated workplace, where all managers seek out and reward legendary performance.

Find and develop top talent

Do you know who all your best performers are? Do you have metrics that can point you to the most influential people in your organization? Globoforce gives you deep insight into your future leadership so that you can keep and develop them.

Attract top performers

Part of keeping talent is in attracting the right people in the first place. Social recognition shows applicants how your company puts people and culture first – and help to differentiate your employer brand.

See flight risks

Only Globoforce offers Talent Maps and Executive Insight, powerful infographic-style reports that show where high potentials may be neglected based on real-time recognition data.

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