Get values off the wall and encourage employees to live them with Globoforce

It’s not enough to have great corporate values. To fully integrate your organizational values into your culture, you must align them with employee behavior. Globoforce connects recognition directly with your core values, making them both understandable and practicable.

Lead with core values

Your values are at the core of your business, your mission, and your success. By integrating them into recognition, Globoforce helps you to put them front and center, and to encourage your employees to absorb and respect them.

Values drive engagement
Recognition reinforces objectives
Align with business goals

At companies with values-based social recognition, 91% of employees say they feel they have a strong grasp on goals and objectives.

Create a culture of appreciation
By encouraging employees to recognize and reward behavior that aligns with values, you also encourage a culture of positive reinforcement and good will.

Manage Organizational Culture
Peer to Peer Rewards
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